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Zeetix, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our site. Our websites do use cookies — information stored on your web browser — to facilitate site navigation. Our websites may also use various kinds of "web beacons" to measure site traffic, facilitate site navigation, and enhance and/or personalize your user experience. Some of our pages may invite you to provide personal information to us so that we may contact you or send you written communications. Any personal information you share with us is subject to this privacy policy. We are not in the business of selling your information to others. We share customer information only as described here. We do not sell or rent information to third parties so they can market their services to you. We will not use or sell your information to other marketers, and will not contact you by telephone or email without your consent.

We may send electronic mail in the form of newsletters, announcements or promotions.

Zeetix, LLC may periodically change its privacy policies. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.



Tom created these two "pre-construction" demos, a GenomeBrowser and a PathwayBrowser. When complete, each will allow the user to browse, annotate, and publish arbitrary data at arbitrary detail—all the way from the karyotype or organism to the sequence or molecular level.

Genome Browser Demo

Genome Browser:  Use the Google Map API to browse a full human genome.

Pathway Browser Demo

Pathways Browser:  Use the Google Map API to browse the human metabolic pathways.


ZeeGuide™ is a "Facebook for neighborhoods", a social network comprised of businesses, organizations, and individuals related by physical geography and "affinity".

Partners and resources

Mcvinney & CompanyMcVinney & Company is a Massachusetts-based organizational development and executive consulting company.

WingwareWingware is a Cambridge-based company dedicated to the development and sale of software development tools for the Python programming language.

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