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Tom provides unmatched executive consulting services. His uniquely holistic perspective balances the complex technical and organizational aspects of your technology effort. He understands technology and the community that provides it, freeing you to focus on what the effort will do for you. He help you discern your real needs and requirements, set your real priorities, and determine your real cost and schedule constraints.

Executives in all but the smallest organizations are surrounded by alternative viewpoints, competing business and technical interests, and richly varied social structures — some explicit and many implicit. Tom knows what questions to ask, what data to gather, and what results to measure so that you gain the traction you need to ensure the success of you, your ideas, and your team.

Tom can help you recruit and manage a new technology team, energize and focus an existing team, and work effectively with external providers. He prefers to provide frequent deliverables so that you always know what your team is doing. He documents your decisions in criteria and metrics, so that you have accurate, data-driven, and up-to-date information about the progress of your effort. He understands your technology, and speaks the language needed to communicate with your technical community.

Tom is eager to share more information about his executive consulting services. He is still preparing that information for publication. Please use the form below to request pre-publication material.

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Tom created these two "pre-construction" demos, a GenomeBrowser and a PathwayBrowser. When complete, each will allow the user to browse, annotate, and publish arbitrary data at arbitrary detail—all the way from the karyotype or organism to the sequence or molecular level.

Genome Browser Demo

Genome Browser:  Use the Google Map API to browse a full human genome.

Pathway Browser Demo

Pathways Browser:  Use the Google Map API to browse the human metabolic pathways.


ZeeGuide™ is a "Facebook for neighborhoods", a social network comprised of businesses, organizations, and individuals related by physical geography and "affinity".

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Mcvinney & CompanyMcVinney & Company is a Massachusetts-based organizational development and executive consulting company.

WingwareWingware is a Cambridge-based company dedicated to the development and sale of software development tools for the Python programming language.

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